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Share the success, share the profits 50/50 with Income Ltd.

Welcome to the collaborative future of trading: where advanced technology meets mutually beneficial partnership. Opting for AITS – PROFIT SHARING – 50-50, you are choosing a turnkey trading vision that enhances both our technological contribution and your commitment as an investor. This is what we offer you:

Package Installation and Configuration : Our technical experts ensure that the AITS software is installed and configured seamlessly on the MT4 platform, ensuring a smooth and ready-to-go transition into the trading world.

Continuous operation : With our exclusive VPS service offered by INCOME Ltd., your software remains vigilant, allowing orders to be executed almost instantaneously and with a daily capacity to handle up to 50 transactions.

Fair and Clear Partnership: together, we share the fruits of success. As the name suggests, we share the profits generated 50/50, a testament to our confidence in our technology and your investment.

Guaranteed Safety and Autonomy: even in a partnership, your autonomy is inviolable.

INCOME Ltd. does not have access to your accounts, ensuring that you retain sole control of your investments and funds at all times.

With AITS - PROFIT SHARING - 50-50, you are not just a client, you are a partner. Join us on this collaborative journey of growth and prosperity in automated trading.

Because when you grow, we grow too!

- Profit Sharing: 50% - 50%

- Package Installation and Configuration

- Exclusive VPS service offered by INCOME Ltd.

- Trading Account Activation via Broker Partner

- Trading platform: MT4

- Payment method: Credit Card or Bank Transfer


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Subscription with non-automatic renewal.
It is possible to terminate the renewal at any time before the expiry date. Refunds and/or replacements are not possible.
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